SC-Almix is an installation and polymer-modified ready-mixed mortar developed by the Th. Scholten GmbH & Co. that is superbly suitable for gluing, filling joints, and laying mineral and ceramic materials on concrete or steel substructures as well as for environments permanently exposed to water.

The properties of SC-Almix®

  • High compressive strength: (28 days) 54.3 N/mm²
  • Flexural strength: (28 days) 8.6 N/mm²
  • Temperature resistance up to 1050°C
  • Sulphate resistance – according to DIN 19573 (verified by the MFPA Leipzig)

The special requirements for flooring require the mortar used to be correspondingly tested and approved.
For high chemical stresses or attacks by acids – e.g. in breweries or in the beverage industry – it is recommended to seal the joints additionally using an epoxy adhesive from Scholten.

Further characteristics of SC-Almix®

  • Composition: Dry mixture of cement, polymer additives, and dedusted, specially graded sands.
  • Container size: Paper bag, 40 kg
  • Raw density: (28 days) 2.14 g/cm³


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