Abrasive bulk materials wear down the walls and outlets of bunkers, silos, and other tanks. The filling, storage, conveying, and emptying of such materials causes different types of wear. The Th. Scholten GmbH & Co. KG counteracts this wear with tailor-made materials.
Heavy impact wear often occurs when filling.

When emptying or conveying, the type of wear encountered is more likely to be friction wear and corrosive wear The criteria used to determine the optimum wear protection solution for each type of wear include, among others:

  • Which wear protection material could be used from an economical and technical point of view?
  • How can this material be securely and durably installed?
  • Does it make sense to use a combination of materials?
  • Is partial replacement a possible option?
  • Does the bulk material have to slide well?
  • Is chemical resistance to acids and bases required?
  • What environmental influences are present?

Based on these questions, the Th. Scholten GmbH & Co. KG offers optimum wear protection solutions for bunkers, silos, and tanks. The solution may consists of a fitted lining made of cast basalt, mechanically fastened thick alumina ceramic plates, or a combination of materials like the SC-FlexTiles, for example. Hard ceramic has very good sliding properties and requires only minimal investment.

The wear protection materials and wear protection solutions tailored to the specific requirements as well as the many years of experience of the SC-Scholten team ensure trouble-free and low-maintenance operation of storage systems.


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