The traditional materials of the Th. Scholten GmbH & Co. KG such as cast basalt and hard ceramic in combination with other mineral products and the corresponding process technology are now grouped together under the name SC-AwaTec®. This special system offers effective protection against BSC (biogenic sulphuric acid corrosion), corrosion, and abrasion in numerous areas of application relating to the construction and rehabilitation of sewage and drinking water facilities.


  • Sewer rehabilitation
    Over the last years and decades, the sewer rehabilitation has become an increasingly important topic for cities, companies, and municipalities. Because current sewer systems are often very old, an enormous demand for sewer rehabilitation has arisen. In addition, the market is constantly looking for special product solutions in the area the sewer rehabilitation due to the increasingly longer dwell time of the wastewater in the sewer system.
  • Shaft rehabilitation
    A frequently neglected element in the area of sewer rehabilitation is the shaft. A variety of problems converge here – infiltration by groundwater, unsealed joints, damaged masonry, corrosion due to domestic or industrial wastewater, increasingly more frequent destruction of the surface due to biogenic sulphuric acid corrosion.
    The SC-AwaTec® product range offers one or several solutions to all these problems, from repairing mortar and the elimination of leaks to the application of a variety of coating mortars according to the corresponding requirements. Classes XWW3 and XWW4 according to DIN 19573 are in particular demand. For these cases, the Th. Scholten GmbH & Co. KG can offer you tested and verified systems. Such systems include the product SC-AwaTec® GeoSpray® in class XWW3 according to DIN 19573 as well as the product SC-AwaTec® GeoSpray® HCE according to DIN 19573 in class XWW4. These sprays are geopolymer mortars that we offer exclusively for Europe and neighbouring countries.
    In special cases, in particular for areas with high acid and base concentrations, meaning a combination of especially low and high pH values, we can resort to our SC-AwaTec® cast basalt system based on our many years of experience. Depending on the environmental conditions, the cast basalt tiles and the adhesive mortar can be adapted to the particular construction.
  • Sewer bed rehabilitation
    Bed rehabilitation in sewer lines is a special part of sewer line rehabilitation. Two procedures can be used for this purpose. At low to normal wastewater flow rates, the mortar selected can be preloaded using special equipment and drawn through the sewer line by a winch until the bed has been properly repaired.
    If higher flow rates, which lead to greater abrasion of the sewer bed, are measured, then rehabilitation with SC-AwaTec® cast basalt is a long-term and economical solution in this case. Due to the good flow properties of the moulded parts made of cast basalt and the high abrasion resistance, an enormous increase in the lifespan of the sewer line is possible.
  • Sewer line rehabilitation
    The repair and rehabilitation of sewer lines with products from the Th. Scholten GmbH Co. KG is a safe and economical alternative. Sewer pipes with a diameter > DN 700 can be rehabilitated manually as well as by machine. For smaller diameters, only rehabilitation by machine is possible. All coating mortars in the SC-AwaTec® system can be installed manually, using the wet spray process, or using the shotcrete relining method.
  • Wastewater treatment plants
    A large number of different components of wastewater treatment plants are also exposed to particularly high stresses by the wastewater they receive. Many inlet sewers or high load aeration tanks have an extremely high concentration of H2S. In such cases, a wide variety of processes from the Th. Scholten GmbH & Co. KG can be used.
    If a mortar-based mineral system should be used, then SC-AwaTec® GeoSpray® HCE is the best selection in this case. In addition to resistance to BSC (XWW4), tested according to DIN 19573, this material has the advantage that it can be used in covered areas as well as in areas exposed to the elements.
    However, a lining made of cast basalt tiles is one possibility that should not be ignored. In addition to long-term resistance to BSC, the high level of protection it provides against abrasion is a decisive factor that leads to a significant increase in the lifespan of the sewer.
  • Spiral trough rehabilitation according to the Reith procedure
  • Concrete sewer pipes
  • Tanks, technical facilities

The Th. Scholten GmbH & Co. KG offers the most suitable material for every application. The following mineral products are available:

  • Coating mortar
  • Masonry mortar
  • Shaft head mortar
  • Joint-filling mortar
  • Installation mortar
  • Injection mortar
  • Repair mortar

The materials cast basalt and hard ceramic have also been tested in the area of water management. We can send you copies of the test certificates from the MFPA Leipzig on request. All relevant parameters were reached or even exceeded.

In addition to the high quality requirements we place on our own products, we also attach great importance to in-depth training and education for our employees. This is why our employees already have many years of experience in the development of special solutions in the area of sewer rehabilitation. Our staff include, among others, certified sewer rehabilitation (ZKS) consultants as well as extended concrete technology training certificate (E-certificate) holders and SIVV certificate holders.


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